Danny R. Smith, founder and chief investigator of DRS Investigationsis a former L.A. Sheriff's Homicide detective with more than 21 years law enforcement experience.  Danny has been engaged in corporate security, private security, law enforcement, private investigation and consulting continuously since 1980.  As such has investigated thousands of civil, criminal and domestic cases. 

Danny retired in 2004 departing law enforcement with scores of accolades and commendations including the Medal of Distinguished Service.  His curriculum vitae is available upon request.
DRS Investigations, LLC, a private investigation firm in Boise, Idaho, specializes in criminal & civil defense, insurance defense, domestic cases including infidelity (cheating spouses) & child custody, surveillance, death investigation, pre-employment & background investigations, asset investigations and more! 

DRS Investigations offers consulting in the fields of homicide, suicide, wrongful death, accidental death, industrial death, officer-involved shootings, use of force and investigative procedure.
Our Promise: In a state where there is no licensing of private investigators, no background checks, no standard of ethics, no training and virtually no recourse for dissatisfied customers, the client should use extreme caution when selecting a private investigation agency.  Our founder's credentials speak volumes of our training, experience, background and high moral character.  We publicly display our identities and credentials so they can be easily verified, and more importantly, you know exactly with whom you've entrusted your sensitive matters and confidential information.

Our promise is your investigation will be handled in the most professional, ethical and efficient manner possible, by result-oriented, experienced professionals with verifiable credentials.
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